Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Residential Elevators for Custom Modular Homes

There are many building features that are unique to custom modular homes, particularly those built around the New Jersey shore.  Some of these features include pilings to support the structure in a sandy environment, wind rated windows and doors, and living spaces above the ground level.  Depending on the design of your custom modular home, you may find that the kitchen and family room areas are on the second level with the master bedroom and bath on the third or even fourth level of the home. This design style is known as reverse living and is very popular in homes built near or on the water. Logistically, this can be challenging for any homeowner when it comes to bringing items into the home, particularly for those upper level areas. For this reason, some of our homeowners are opting to install residential elevators in their custom modular homes.

Residential elevators come in many styles and can easily blend into the design of any type of multi-level home. They also come with a variety of features, some of which may be more important to a homeowner than others.  For example, many residential elevators need a machine room for operation. If space is an issue you could opt for a machine room free design. Some elevators are more energy-efficient and will work better for a homeowner who is environmentally sensitive. Others offer a quiet gearless premium design and style. With many well-known manufacturers offering residential elevators, custom modular homeowners can be sure that quality, style and functionality are not far from reach.

RBA Homes, at the homeowner’s request, can incorporate a residential elevator, or a shaft for a future elevator, in almost any custom modular home. If the homeowner would like the option of adding an elevator in the future, the shaft can be designed as a closet on the first floor, approximately 5’X5’, providing the homeowner with the option of adding an elevator at a later date.

Making day-to-day living more convenient is part of the reason many homeowners choose to add a residential elevator, or the option for one in the future.  It’s a must-have for any family that is challenged by elderly or handicapped family members too.  While convenience is a large part of the reason to consider a residential elevator, adding prestige and resale value to the home can also be a great reason to add one.  

We recommend you speak to your custom modular builder about the different styles, prices and types of elevators while you are in the design phase of your home, as it’s more cost effective to add it to the design before you begin construction. RBA Homes has built many custom modular homes along the New Jersey shore, in Monmouth and Ocean counties.  Several of our homes include optional residential elevators.  For more details on building a custom modular home, available coastal designs, or information on adding a residential elevator, please contact RBA Homes today.

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