Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why You Need to Attend A Homebuilding Seminar

Anyone who is on the market to build a new custom home is probably scouring the Internet for advice, information, plans and reputable building companies.  Searching online is a great way to gather some preliminary information for builders in your area and ideas for your new home.  Statistics show that 89% of Internet users who are making a purchase, (whether it’s a floral arrangement, car, or home), search online before making their purchase.  But when it comes to choosing the right builder for your custom home it pays to go beyond the search results from the World Wide Web and get up close and personal with the building company you may do business with. This is exactly why you need to attend a homebuilding seminar!

Two Hours Invested And A Lifetime of Loving Your Home

Many building companies offer homebuilding seminars in their local area to help homeowners who have questions about building a home.  Because these events are conveniently located it’s a great idea to secure your seat and attend.  The opportunity to meet the builder, ask questions and view available home plans can give you a leg-up on the details you need to know before building.  It’s also a great way to get to know the team you will be working with over the next several months of construction.  Overall, the investment of a morning to do some in-person research on the company you may hire, is a minimal amount of time as compared to the size of the purchase, (and probably less than what you would spend sorting through search results on the Internet)!

Get Some Ideas On The Type Of Home You Want

With sample plans and plenty of photos of homes previously built available to view, the homebuilding seminar you attend will most likely help you narrow down the type of home and features you need in your home. You’ll get a great understanding of what they can offer and the materials your builder will use to build your home.

Advantages of Construction Methods Explained

There are many ways to build a home, from traditional stick built methods to custom modular construction.  Depending on the builder hosting the seminar, you will be able to find out what the advantages are of their construction methods and ask questions about costs, financing, and other topics of interest.  If you are thinking about raising your current home this is a perfect opportunity to find out why rebuilding a new home might be more advantageous in the long run.

There May Be Incentives For Those Who Attend

Many builders will offer some sort of incentive to anyone who attends their seminar and later signs a contract to build a new home.  This can mean an upgraded appliance package or something else, depending on the builder’s incentive. The only way to know for sure is to sign up and go!

Don’t rely entirely on online reviews and Internet search results when trying to find the right builder for your new custom home. RBA Homes is a custom homebuilder with extensive experience in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  Our next homebuilding seminar is being offered on March 28th from 10am to 12pm.  Ready. Set. Build! Homebuilding 101:  A Seminar for Buyers Looking to Build will explore the advantages of modular construction and discuss the benefits of new construction versus raising your existing home, among other topics.  It’s easy to register, just give us a call at 732-747-3800, click here for registration or contact us through our website at