Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Great Kitchen Features for Custom Homes

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this holds true not matter how large or small your home is.  For some homebuyers, the opportunity to design and install a dream kitchen is one of the many exciting reasons they choose to build a new custom home.  In honor of Mother’s Day we decided to share some of the design features inspired by the most beautiful custom home kitchens today.

First Things First, What Inspires the Layout?

According to many custom homebuyers, particularly those who are building on the water, they are interested in maximizing the beautiful views from the kitchen.  Designing the layout to take advantage of the windows and the view, while at the same time, considering the type of appliances that will be purchased for the kitchen can be challenging; however, the balance of these two key features will ensure beauty, as well as function for the area of the home families enjoy the most.

Many of our custom home kitchens are designed to accommodate professional grade appliances, so this is one of the first things homeowners need to decide with their builder before a kitchen plan is created.

Function or Beauty – No Need to Pick Just One!

Once the layout is complete, it’s time to talk about the specifics.  With an array of functional options for kitchen cabinets from dish organizers to oversized drawers for pots and partitioned cabinets for serving platters, today’s cabinets can accommodate almost every small appliance and kitchen accessory available and provide solutions that are not only functional, but are also quite beautiful.  No longer are the days when your counters are used to store the blenders and juicers, now you can customize cabinet areas to put these types of items where they belong – out of sight until you need them. 

In addition, features like glass insets on your cabinet doors, or even open cabinet shelving can provide a unique, yet functional storage solution for any style home.  Your custom kitchen can now be just as beautiful as it is functional!  Be sure to check with your builder about the optional features that can make your cabinets as functional as they are beautiful.

Focal Points Are Not Just for the Living Room

Custom kitchen designs can be inspired by something as simple as an incredible light fixture over the center island, or even a wine storage solution within the cabinets.  Some homebuyers are even choosing to “stack” cabinets, which give unique design flair, while offering additional storage solutions.  No matter what your personal style is, choosing a focal point for your kitchen that speaks to your lifestyle or design preferences can set the tone for the kitchen and all the areas that are open to this heart of your home.  Your builder will be happy to design the kitchen based on what inspires you!

Finishes and Details to Make A Statement

Many homebuyers tend to choose finishes for their cabinets that are white, or light painted.  Light grey colors are currently trending and more requests for moldings like stacked crown and under cabinet molding are popular to give the cabinets a more finished look.  However, dark wood tones and more traditional cabinet colors paired with a bold statement countertop is the perfect combination of traditional and modern.  Your builder can help you select the perfect finishes for your kitchen so you can experience years of enjoyment.

Kitchens are the place where families and friends like to hang out and enjoy relaxed entertaining.   Inspiration for kitchen design can come from just about anywhere, and depending on the size of your kitchen, type of appliances and outside views to preserve, the heart of your home can be both beautiful and functional.  If you are ready to build your custom home, RBA Homes would love to help.  We include the kitchen design as part of our design process for all of our homebuyers. Please contact us today for more information on how we can help design your dreamhome.

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