Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Which is a Better Fit for You: Modular or Traditional Stick-Built Construction?

When it comes to building a new custom home, many families are faced with a multitude of decisions from day one of the process.  From the choice of locations and the style of home to the type of construction, these decisions can weigh heavily on budget and move-in timeframe.  We always get questions on what the best type of construction is, so we decided to put together this list of benefits for both modular homebuilding and traditional stick-built construction so that you can decide what the best process will be for your new home.

Cost Efficiency and Value

The number one concern of every homeowner is that their builder is providing materials and techniques that are cost efficient, and add value to their home.  This can be accomplished in both modular and stick-built construction, but it depends on the home design, lot configuration, features and finishes the homeowner selects.  For some homes, customizing a modular design, having it built in the factory, delivered and set on site can be the most cost efficient way to build their home.  The value per square foot can be incredibly good, while at the same time providing a well constructed, beautiful home.  In other cases, it may be more feasible, from a cost perspective, to stick-build the home on-site, particularly when the features and design of the home are intricate or the homeowners have particular needs.

Design of the Home To Be Built

While we are talking about home designs, some home plans are better built as custom modular and others are definitely more suited for an on-site stick-build plan.  We recommend that if you already have your home plans, consider having them evaluated as a potential modular plan before you make your final decision, as it may be cost and time efficient to go modular.  The more intricate your home design is, the more you may want to consider an on-site stick build.  This will add time to your process, but it will also provide the flexibility you need to construct a home that has a more complex design.

Time Is Of the Essence

Did we mention timeframe?  If you need to build your home faster, then we recommend looking at a modular home, which will shave much-needed time from your construction process.  The home is constructed in sections, in the factory and shipped to the site.  Once it arrives, the sections are put together like a puzzle and voila! – you just built your home!  Of course, all the finishes are completed on site, but this process provides the advantages of building in a controlled factory environment, which is better than exposing your home to the elements while under construction.  The factory turnaround time is much faster than an on-site stick build from foundation up.  But, if time is not an issue, and your plan is more complex, then you may be better off with  stick-built construction on site.

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