Friday, November 20, 2015

Benefits of Building a Custom Modular Home During Winter

Building a new custom home is something most homebuyers believe should be done during the spring and summer months. As a custom modular homebuilder, we know that there are several benefits to building your home during the winter months. As incredible as this may sound, we have had many homebuyers take advantage of the winter to build their new home and in the process they saved time, money, and were able to move into their new home sooner than they expected. Here are some of the benefits of building a custom modular home in the winter.

Many of our modular home manufacturers offer incentives for winter builds. With fewer orders for construction during the winter months the factory is motivated to provide things like free cabinet upgrades, or even cash incentives to build while the weather is cold. Check with us for more information on winter incentives from our manufacturers.

Quality Construction
As always, modular homes are built in a climate-controlled factory, so the winter weather will not affect the quality of your home. Our manufacturer can build right through the winter and your home will be just as perfectly constructed as one built in the summer months. With your lot prepared to receive your home, we can set the modules, weather permitting, as soon as your home is ready.

Time is of the Essence
Building a custom home can take up to a year or even more if you are building on-site. A custom modular home can be built in a factory in about a month from the time your plans are completed and sent to the manufacturer. The whole process can save time when building modular. That means it is possible to be in your new home for summer if you take advantage of a winter build.

Building a new home is not just for spring and summer. With custom modular home construction, you can build your new home any time of the year. If you love the Jersey Shore and are thinking of building a custom home in one of our fabulous shore towns, there’s no better time than now to get started!  RBA Homes specializes in custom modular homes in towns like Spring Lake, Sea Girt, Rumson, Fair Haven and Colts Neck, and in Ocean County towns like Toms River. Contact us today to find out how we can make your new custom home dreams come true!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Residential Elevators for Custom Modular Homes

There are many building features that are unique to custom modular homes, particularly those built around the New Jersey shore.  Some of these features include pilings to support the structure in a sandy environment, wind rated windows and doors, and living spaces above the ground level.  Depending on the design of your custom modular home, you may find that the kitchen and family room areas are on the second level with the master bedroom and bath on the third or even fourth level of the home. This design style is known as reverse living and is very popular in homes built near or on the water. Logistically, this can be challenging for any homeowner when it comes to bringing items into the home, particularly for those upper level areas. For this reason, some of our homeowners are opting to install residential elevators in their custom modular homes.

Residential elevators come in many styles and can easily blend into the design of any type of multi-level home. They also come with a variety of features, some of which may be more important to a homeowner than others.  For example, many residential elevators need a machine room for operation. If space is an issue you could opt for a machine room free design. Some elevators are more energy-efficient and will work better for a homeowner who is environmentally sensitive. Others offer a quiet gearless premium design and style. With many well-known manufacturers offering residential elevators, custom modular homeowners can be sure that quality, style and functionality are not far from reach.

RBA Homes, at the homeowner’s request, can incorporate a residential elevator, or a shaft for a future elevator, in almost any custom modular home. If the homeowner would like the option of adding an elevator in the future, the shaft can be designed as a closet on the first floor, approximately 5’X5’, providing the homeowner with the option of adding an elevator at a later date.

Making day-to-day living more convenient is part of the reason many homeowners choose to add a residential elevator, or the option for one in the future.  It’s a must-have for any family that is challenged by elderly or handicapped family members too.  While convenience is a large part of the reason to consider a residential elevator, adding prestige and resale value to the home can also be a great reason to add one.  

We recommend you speak to your custom modular builder about the different styles, prices and types of elevators while you are in the design phase of your home, as it’s more cost effective to add it to the design before you begin construction. RBA Homes has built many custom modular homes along the New Jersey shore, in Monmouth and Ocean counties.  Several of our homes include optional residential elevators.  For more details on building a custom modular home, available coastal designs, or information on adding a residential elevator, please contact RBA Homes today.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Modular Homes Prove Stronger During Storms

We’ve always known that modular homes are stronger and can withstand Mother Nature’s fury better than an on-site stick built home.  There are studies that have been done by authoritative resources to prove this, and recently, we came across a post from the Answer Man of the Asheville Citizen-Times that provides the answers to the question “Is my modular home safe in a storm?” The article supports the fact that modular homes are stronger, which we’ve known all along!
In the article, the Answer Man describes a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) study that suggests modular homes are actually stronger than site built homes because of the factory standards and the need to withstand travel and crane lift.  He also sent the question to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety and their spokeswoman explained, “Modular homes are built to the same building codes and subject to the same inspections as ‘site built’ homes built in the area where the home is to be sited. Modular homes are installed on permanent foundations just like site built homes and because they are built in a factory setting they may be subject to higher quality control measures.
Here are some facts on the strength of the modular homes we build.  Our custom modular homes are engineered to be stronger than the equivalent site-built home.   Our standard specifications include foundations (crawl & basement) with 12X24 steel reinforced concrete footings, 2X6 framing, 2X10 window and door headers, and a double 2X10 perimeter band for the floor. Construction of the modular home takes place in a climate-controlled factory by skilled craftsmen using precise machinery and methods with higher quality control measures.  The modules are engineered and built to withstand the rigors of being trucked to the job site and hoisted into place by crane. 
For all of these reasons, we know that our custom modular homes are built stronger, and more efficiently, which translates to a better chance of less damage or destruction from the storms that can affect the areas where we build.
RBA Homes has specialized in building custom modular homes throughout the central New Jersey area in Monmouth and Ocean Counties since 1986.  We work with several top quality modular home manufacturers in the industry and are members of the Modular Home Builders Association, recently winning their Home of the Month Awardfor July 2015. For more information on custom modular homes, or to review design plans, please contact RBA Homes today.

Reference article by Answer Man of the Asheville Citizen-Times

Monday, June 8, 2015

Don’t Miss Another Memorial Day: Outdoor “Must-Haves” for Custom Modular Homes

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Memorial Day, the unofficial start to the summer season at beach towns around New Jersey, has come and gone.  Being outdoors, soaking up the sun and having fun is what summer at the Jersey Shore is all about.  Parties and barbeque food for the rest of the summer are “must-dos” on everyone’s list.  For those of you who want to be in your new custom home for next Memorial Day, the time to get started is now. Here’s a list some of our favorite outdoor “must-haves” to include in your new custom modular home to make your summer more spectacular than ever!

outdoor showers for elevated homesOutdoor showers – There’s a lot of room on the ground level of a raised home at the Jersey shore.  Finding the right way to finish it can be challenging for some homeowners, but something many are finding a great use of the space is to build an outdoor shower.  Imagine returning from a day at the beach or on the boat and having a private place to shower off before heading inside.  It’s great for getting all the sand off, or even rinsing off the family dog.  We love the convenience of an outdoor shower and so will you!

Outdoor kitchens- Outdoor kitchens continue to be one of the biggest outdoor trends this year.  It can be as simple as a grill or as elaborate as a fully functional kitchen with a sink, beer station, countertops, pizza oven and refrigerator.  Entertaining in your outdoor kitchen is a breeze and allows the hosts to engage their guests while preparing meals, drinks or snacks.  Be sure that whatever kind of outdoor kitchen you decide on you have plenty of seating away from the heat source (grill, etc.) so that guest are comfortable.  An outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to throw a barbeque from Memorial Day through Labor Day!

outdoor living space modular home njOutdoor living rooms and screened porches– going hand in hand with the outdoor kitchen, outdoor living rooms and screened porches are also a big trend for this year.  These extensions of your indoor space think beyond terraces and decks and offer opportunity for better furnishings and can be combined with your fire pit or fireplace to create a warm, cozy relaxing oasis.  Some of our homeowners have even built screened porches with luxuries such as outdoor televisions and entertainment centers!

custom modular home garden roomGarden/Sun Rooms – In areas where there may be limited space on the lot some of our   By reworking the kitchen and/or eating area a bit you can create an oasis to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun all year long.  Just be sure to check with us on the space requirements, as not all plans and/or lots can accommodate this room. 
homeowners have allocated some space from the back of the house and designed a garden or sun room, which is actually part of the living space in their new home.

These are some of our homeowner favorites for outdoor spaces to enjoy in your new custom home.  With some or all of these features you can have the best summer ever!  But you have to get started now in order to be in your new home for next year’s Memorial Day celebration.  For more information on how to get started on your new custom modular home on, contact RBA Homes today!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Great Kitchen Features for Custom Homes

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this holds true not matter how large or small your home is.  For some homebuyers, the opportunity to design and install a dream kitchen is one of the many exciting reasons they choose to build a new custom home.  In honor of Mother’s Day we decided to share some of the design features inspired by the most beautiful custom home kitchens today.

First Things First, What Inspires the Layout?

According to many custom homebuyers, particularly those who are building on the water, they are interested in maximizing the beautiful views from the kitchen.  Designing the layout to take advantage of the windows and the view, while at the same time, considering the type of appliances that will be purchased for the kitchen can be challenging; however, the balance of these two key features will ensure beauty, as well as function for the area of the home families enjoy the most.

Many of our custom home kitchens are designed to accommodate professional grade appliances, so this is one of the first things homeowners need to decide with their builder before a kitchen plan is created.

Function or Beauty – No Need to Pick Just One!

Once the layout is complete, it’s time to talk about the specifics.  With an array of functional options for kitchen cabinets from dish organizers to oversized drawers for pots and partitioned cabinets for serving platters, today’s cabinets can accommodate almost every small appliance and kitchen accessory available and provide solutions that are not only functional, but are also quite beautiful.  No longer are the days when your counters are used to store the blenders and juicers, now you can customize cabinet areas to put these types of items where they belong – out of sight until you need them. 

In addition, features like glass insets on your cabinet doors, or even open cabinet shelving can provide a unique, yet functional storage solution for any style home.  Your custom kitchen can now be just as beautiful as it is functional!  Be sure to check with your builder about the optional features that can make your cabinets as functional as they are beautiful.

Focal Points Are Not Just for the Living Room

Custom kitchen designs can be inspired by something as simple as an incredible light fixture over the center island, or even a wine storage solution within the cabinets.  Some homebuyers are even choosing to “stack” cabinets, which give unique design flair, while offering additional storage solutions.  No matter what your personal style is, choosing a focal point for your kitchen that speaks to your lifestyle or design preferences can set the tone for the kitchen and all the areas that are open to this heart of your home.  Your builder will be happy to design the kitchen based on what inspires you!

Finishes and Details to Make A Statement

Many homebuyers tend to choose finishes for their cabinets that are white, or light painted.  Light grey colors are currently trending and more requests for moldings like stacked crown and under cabinet molding are popular to give the cabinets a more finished look.  However, dark wood tones and more traditional cabinet colors paired with a bold statement countertop is the perfect combination of traditional and modern.  Your builder can help you select the perfect finishes for your kitchen so you can experience years of enjoyment.

Kitchens are the place where families and friends like to hang out and enjoy relaxed entertaining.   Inspiration for kitchen design can come from just about anywhere, and depending on the size of your kitchen, type of appliances and outside views to preserve, the heart of your home can be both beautiful and functional.  If you are ready to build your custom home, RBA Homes would love to help.  We include the kitchen design as part of our design process for all of our homebuyers. Please contact us today for more information on how we can help design your dreamhome.

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